Fix Your Hercules Guitar Stand for About $1

A Hercules Guitar Stand

After years of use, the grip on my Hercules guitar stand broke. (A link—with a picture—to a forum post on the matter by other owners is here.)

The Grip of a Hercules Guitar StandI contacted Hercules about a replacement, and they said they don’t sell parts. They advised me to buy a new stand, of course.

Instead of spending upwards of $30 on a new stand and placing yet one more thing (that’s only 0.001% broken) in a landfill, I did some research.

Using a pitch gauge, I found that an M5—0.8 × 20 mm screw will keep the neck of the stand in place. Home Depot carries the screw, whose SKU is 887480028287, for $1.05. Here’s a link.

A M5—0.8 × 20 mm screw

The trade-off for using this screw is the forfeited ability to use the stand’s one-handed adjustable feature. (To adjust the height, I will need to unscrew, re-position, and re-screw the stand’s neck.) No matter, I never used the adjustable height feature.

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  1. Well done Roy. I have exactly this problem, and the shop where I bought it gave me the same answers – no spare parts, buy a new stand! Needless to state, I declined.

    Have employed your fix and it works a treat.

    1. Thanks for the post. My father showed me his stand this morning. The material in the handle has turn to something akin to a sticky silicon and adjustment lever has snapped off. I showed him your post and his reaction was “I thought so!” He’s in his shop now making his repair. Like you he never uses the adjustment feature so the screw fix will work fine. Thanks again.

    2. I just did this on mine, works like a charm! Sturdier than with that funky sticky handle! Thanks a lot for this fix info!

    1. A couple of things to add:
      My stand went missing for a couple of years (put it away for Christmas one year and did too good a job!). Anyway, when I found it, I pulled it out and wanted to clean the sticky mess off the plastic (see below). In the process, the stupid thing fell apart as your pictures show. My particular model doesn’t have a screw to hold the fixture in place, but uses a rivet. Not wanting to drill it out, I just inserted a bolt into the adjustment hole I wanted to use, and secured it with some velcro ribbon. Works fine.

      As for the sticky; Turns out the plastic is sprayed with a “feel good” coating that, in time, breaks down and becomes disgustingly sticky. The solution is to use rubbing alcohol and an old rag to scrub it off. It won’t be shiny when you finish, but it won’t be sticky either! Goof Off works too.

      Thanks for the great information.

      1. That sticky mess os my exact problem. Thanks for the rubbing alcohol solution
        And, yes, the pun was intentional….

  2. Hi Roy, I had the same problem, mine is the model that holds three guitars, and I had it collapse with three on it. Thankfully none of them were hurt…. I did a little more of a “Redneck” fix, my other hobby is working on cars, so I used a hose clamp. I can loosen it and adjust the height anywhere I need, though like you, I never really need to change it. I wrote Hercules and was surprised by their lack of response. The failure of their system could have cost me a lot in instrument repairs. I like the general design, but they really need to rethink the locking system for this part of it.

    1. Hi Clay,

      Thanks for sharing your experience. A hose clamp is brilliant!

      Indeed, this is a serious design flaw that can cause serious, irreparable damage to guitars. Hercules should get on top of this immediately, if they want to keep a loyal customer base. I’m definitely not buying another Hercules product ever again.

  3. I called the customer service number listed on the Hercules site and a real human answered the phone. She told me to email her photos of the damage and my contact information. I did and in less than a week I had three new replacement Hercules stands delivered to my home. I don’t want to throw away the old ones as the only thing wrong with them is the handles. Think I will employ the screw method and leave them up all the time which they were anyway.

    1. Hi Patmatt
      Do you have the Hercules contact info? I can’t find it in the website. They only have dealers contact info. Thanks!

  4. Same experience with the Hercules stand (I have 2) . Love the design – the rubberized plastic sucks. Emailed the company and had no response. I love the stands otherwise. The gummy mess and ultimate failure of the adjustment handle happened over the course of several years. Of course no longer had the packaging or receipts. Mentioned it at the Sam Ash store I bought them from from and got little better that a blank stare. I will be digging through my collection of panhead screws for the fix you posted. I have several Hercules wall hangers – no problem there. Thanks for posting.

  5. I have a similar issue. You don’t say specifically, but I guess you remove the handle. Is that hard? I’m good at tearing stuff up removing the stuff, but I guess in this case it doesn’t matter. I emailed Hercules a few days ago, but have received no response and based on what others have said I shouldn’t hold my breath.

  6. after three years of use my hercules stand grip is very sticky and now it is getting broken in small parts so I want to know if you can send me the complete set to repair my stand

    1. Drill the rivet with a 3/16 or so drill, and then push the remainder into the hollow part of the tube. You’ll then be able to move the sticky, broken handle and you can separate the telescoping parts. There’s also a philips head tap screw that will need to come off to completely remove the old handle. I just did it. Took about two minutes.

  7. I’ve had the gummy handle for a couple years now, but today was the day. I watched as my Breedlove acoustic hit the (luckily carpeted) floor and toppled over (luckily again, against a plant). My handle broke clean off where the fulcrum is, so there is no having to remove it. I found it on the floor. I’m loving this idea of the screw and will hopefully remedy this tonight. It’s a great design with one glaring flaw apparently. Thanks for the fix.

  8. I’m going to have to try this. Mine just broke at the handle as well. Dropped one of the guitars straight down on my tile floor and chipped it… Thanks for the idea to fix the stand!

  9. I own a single, and a double and was overjoyed to find an alternative to the cheap, junky tube stand we all know and “have put up with”.

    Until it broke, unexpectedly.

    Thank you very much for the info posted here. I won’t have to waste time trying to send the dealer the photo’s I took, and I can stop looking for the person “who broke my stand”.

  10. Thanks for the awesome fix Roy! I knocked the rivet out with a flathead screwdriver and a hammer, had to enlarge the hole a tiny bit but that was easy with my trusty carbon steel bladed bonsai scissors.
    Hercules should absolutely address this problem, shoddy of them not to.

  11. After a couple of years of the handle of my double stand going gooey it just disintegrated tonight but luckily with nothing on it. To say I was unhappy would be an understatement. Now I’ve come on here to see what can be done about it, and apparently they all go the same way. What a crappy design. Why don’t Hercules do something to remedy this?

  12. Yesterday I found my Telecaster slumped down to the floor and the head/neck mechanism of the stand open because there was no weight. When I looked closer, I discovered the spring and button were about 2 feet behind the stand. I immediately interrogated my teenage son, who claimed no knowledge and I’m sure felt like I was picking on him. I went to fix it today and discovered the sticky mess and decided to Google it. And here I am. I will fix the stand using one of these methods, but I own three Hercules stands that I invested in to keep my guitars safe. I’m frustrated and disappointed. Most of the forum postings I’ve read don’t give much hope for remedy by Hercules. Thankfully the Tele was unharmed. Now I’ll go apologize to my son.

    1. I found half of the button and the spring behind my stand the other day too. I live alone, have no pets and my place is not haunted, so I am putting it down to bad stand design. Luckily (or not) I am recovering from an operation to fix a ruptured biceps tendon and I put my guitar back in its case while I recover. It is the first time it has been off that stand in years.

      Screw this stand! (that’s what I’m going to do, thanks for the tip).

  13. Same exact problem, the clamp handle and pin flew out the back as I was putting my guitar back on the stand. I’ve read elsewhere that they have changed the material for these clamps now to avoid the sticky problem which I can only assume also degraded the plastic below to allow it to break. It’s a real pity you can’t just get the clamp part to replace it. Bolt/screw fix it is then! Cheers.

  14. Same problem as everyone above. I have four GS414B Hercules guitar stands. The handles are sticky. Two were cracked with the handle and spring on the floor near the stand, the other two had cracks and were about to come apart. Clearly this is a design issue with the materials used on the handle.


    So I’ve email Hercules with pictures of the stands. I’m interested to see what response I get.

  15. It’s too far to go to Lowe’s (2.5 miles), and I’m too cheap to spend $1.00. 🙂 So I went to the garage and found a zip tie. I put the handle back into the correct place with the pivot shaft seated in the broken plastic holes and zip tied it in place – right at the shaft. The handle retains it’s original functionality and it cost less than $1.00. If you’re worried about the looks, use a black zip tie.

  16. Hello folks, same story this evening. Stand failed at height adjustment mechanism, ridiculously sticky plastic, etc. Fortunately, my Taylor acoustic survived the experience. I found the plastic cover easy enough to remove, though, with no tools required. I just lifted the upper part of the stand of then pulled the plastic handle off the top.

    I’ve emailed Hercules UK, but won’t be holding my breath. Thanks for repair suggestion, though. All sorted!

  17. The Hercules stand is a pretty good idea until it doesn’t work. That happens rather quickly if you are using it daily or nightly as the case may be. Going to a Home Despot and trying find a special screw has it’s own set of challenging circumstances here in Southern California. Most of the “associates” in Home Despots will tell you that “their job would be great if it wasn’t for the customers.” Same attitude at many of the Guitar Centers around the country (Except Nashville, TN!) But I digress.
    If you have an old guitar cable lying around; cut the standard jack plug off the cable. Use a plastic covered jack if you can. Use the jack plug as “stop pin” like you would on a speaker stand. Plug one of the holes in the sliding tube with the standard jack and sliding tube will stay in place. After the gig is over, and you are breaking down, pull the jack out of the hole and the tube will slide down so you can fold it up and be on your way.

  18. Thanks for this from yet another grateful reader. I had been wondering for ages how I got grease on the handles of my two Hercules stands (which I now know were rotting plastic). Then last night one broke while I was moving it. fortunately I had a hold on the guitar. I bought the screws as you specify and repairing one was a two minute job. However I inspected the second stand and saw stress fractures too, so removed the adjusting handle, only to find this one does not have a hole for the screw. I will have to drill one out when I have time, but it does highlight that this supposedly “rugged” design is actually not reliable at all.

  19. I have the same problem with one of my Hercules stands. I have had it for many years. I knew the handle was unusually sticky but I didn’t think much of it since I primarily use it at home and I really don’t need to adjust the height very often. After reading some threads about the handles breaking I looked closer at mine and it was cracked on both sides and starting to come apart. I went to the Hercules website and submitted the contact us form. A couple days later I received an email requesting that I send pictures and contact/address information. I sent the info to them and a day later I received and email with the order number of the new stand that they were sending me. Thanks Hercules for standing by your product!!

  20. So glad to have found this post as mic stand has just experienced the same failed design.

    This appears to be built in obsolescence which is typical of most Chinese factories that have us manufacturer cutting costs.

    Shame on the Hercules Engineers for such Whimsical and deliberate weakness and their design.

    Thanks for the suggestion. I saw the same solution, but also looking into the potential of 3D printing and/or fiberglass tape with epoxy to restore full functionality.

    I’m now referring to this stand as Samson w/ a crew cut: just plain weak!

    The biggest weaknesses Hercules refusal to replace the part for a nominal charge. Until they improve the design ir offer the replacement part, they will lose customers through social media and word-of-mouth – or just don’t care as most companies trying to maintain corporate profit via overseas labor.

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