Partition a Single Mac OS Extended (Journaled) Drive into 2 Partitions for Sentry Mode and Audio on Model 3

Burden: About 5 minutes, depending on size of drive. Before You Begin Considering using a high-endurance drive for Sentry Mode, because of the many writes this feature performs. Do an online search for “high endurance drive”. Regardless of the drive you use, everything on it will be removed once you’re done with this tutorial. 1 […]

Model 3 Brakes Squeal When Reversing and Turning in Humid Weather

About three weeks after taking delivery of my Model 3, I began encountering brake squealing under very specific conditions: The car is sitting for a few hours. The weather is humid. The car is slowly going in reverse. The car is turning. Here’s audio of the problem: I’ve worked on brakes myriad times over the […]