Avoid Lacie’s iamaKey Flash Drive

In February 2012, I purchased a Lacie iamaKey, which carries a 2-year warranty. Seventeen months later, in July of 2013, the drive stopped working—it wouldn’t mount in Mac, Windows, or Linux. Nothing I tried was able to revive it; Lacie replaced it. (I had to provide LaCie with proof of my having destroyed the broken drive before they would replace it.)

A destroyed LaCie iamaKey
A destroyed LaCie iamaKey (July 2013).

Eighteen months later, the replacement died—the drive became write-protected, and the protection could not be removed. The replacement drive only carries a 3-month warranty, so no replacement for the replacement. (The replacement was destroyed because I’m showing my disdain for this company.)

Another destroyed LaCie iamaKey (February 2015).
Another destroyed LaCie iamaKey (February 2015).

So, the original drive failed about a year and a half after I purchased it, and its replacement died exactly a year and a half later. Perhaps a coincidence.

These drives look cool, are convenient to carry, and are designed to be carted around on a keychain with other keys. They are, however, too unreliable. I have a SanDisk Cruzer that is about 8 years old, is encased in plastic, and has taken a beating since 2006. It works perfectly.

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