Fix Your Hercules Guitar Stand for About $1

A Hercules Guitar Stand

After years of use, the grip on my Hercules guitar stand broke. (A link—with a picture—to a forum post on the matter by other owners is here.)

The Grip of a Hercules Guitar StandI contacted Hercules about a replacement, and they said they don’t sell parts. They advised me to buy a new stand, of course.

Instead of spending upwards of $30 on a new stand and placing yet one more thing (that’s only 0.001% broken) in a landfill, I did some research.

Using a pitch gauge, I found that an M5—0.8 × 20 mm screw will keep the neck of the stand in place. Home Depot carries the screw, whose SKU is 887480028287, for $1.05. Here’s a link.

A M5—0.8 × 20 mm screw

The trade-off for using this screw is the forfeited ability to use the stand’s one-handed adjustable feature. (To adjust the height, I will need to unscrew, re-position, and re-screw the stand’s neck.) No matter, I never used the adjustable height feature.