Issues with Model 3

List of Issues

Battery Never Reaches 90%

I took delivery of my Model 3 on 10 September 2019 and I immediately set the battery limit to 90%, which is 216 miles for the Standard Range Plus. Within 48 hours I noticed that the battery would only reach 213 miles. I called on 12 September 2019 and the customer service rep said my battery was lower than it should be and that I should wait another week or two before calling for service, because the battery might need time to condition itself.

It’s now over three weeks and the battery only reaches 212 miles. I was told that battery performance is supposed to get better over time, not worse, as is the case with my car. (See image below.)

Update (11 October 2019)

As I was updating the content to this page, I received a notification that charging was “completed” on my car with the battery at 211 miles. (See image below.) Thus, in three weeks, my car went from charging to 213 miles at 90% to 212 and now to 211. The most interesting part is that my car is currently at Tesla’s service center in Milford, CT. And, at about 6:00 PM today, I was told that no problems were found with the battery.

(12 October 2019, 7:35 AM) And now the battery only reaches 210 miles — and it’s still at the Tesla repair shop in Milford.

Driver-Side Speaker

Driving away from the dealership on the day I took delivery of my Model 3, I noticed a crackling sound from a speaker on the driver-side where the dashboard meets the windshield. I had the volume at perhaps 60% or 70%.

Driver-Side Aero Wheel Cover

While replacing some lug nuts with Tesla-branded wheel locks last week, I noticed the driver-side, rear aero wheel cover had a damaged center spindle. (See image below.)

Brakes Squeal When Reversing

In humid weather, putting the car in reverse and turning causes loud squealing. (Hear audio below.)

Condensation in Rear, Driver-Side Brake Light

On the morning of 3 October 2019, I found condensation in the driver side rear brake light. This issue has repeated itself every day it’s rained since then. (See image below.)

Driver-Side Front Wheel Not Aligned

On 7 October 2019, I noticed the driver-side front wheel isn’t perfectly aligned in its wheel well — It’s closer to the front, instead of being centered. (See image below.)


Called Tesla on the morning of 4 October 2019; Waited 42 minutes to speak to someone. Filed the aforementioned issues and requested a loaner, since the closest Tesla repair shop is over an hour from my home.