Submitting Homeworks, Assignments, and Projects

Before the submission deadline, written1 and/or programming homeworks/assignments/projects for any class you are taking with me has to be placed into one folder that is compressed into either a zip or tar file. The folder must contain all—if any—dependency files (header and implementation files in C; images, media, or CSS files in HTML or XML; etc).

The .zip/.tar file must then be emailed to me with the subject line containing semester, year, course, homework/assignment/project, number (if one applies), last name, and first initial, with each entry separated by a space, a dash, and another space. For example, I would type the following in the subject line of my homework submission email: Fall 2012 - CSS1 - HW2 - Vanegas, R

Only homeworks/assignments/projects submitted in the form described here will be accepted.

A tutorial on how to compress into a tarball and submit your homework/assignment/project folder follows.

  1. Navigate to the directory where your homework resides. In my case, for example, homework is kept in a folder called, appropriately, homework, which is inside a sub folder called c_class,2 which, in turn is in my home folder.3 The command is cd c_class/homework/ And looks like this in The Terminal [Navigating to HW folder.]
  2. Create a folder with the initial of your first name followed by your last name followed by the class you're taking followed by the semester followed by the year followed by the assignment/project followed by the number, with each word separated by an underscore. My folder, for example, is titled r_vanegas_c_fall_2011_hw_1. (Hover your mouse over each letter/word in the previous folder title for an explanation of each letter/word.) The command is mkdir r_vanegas_c_fall_2011_hw_1 In The Terminal, it looks like [Create HW folder.]
  3. Place all files in this new folder. In my case, I need only place a file called main.c. Here's the command: mv main.c r_vanegas_c_fall_2011_hw_1 In The Terminal: [Move file into HW folder.]
  4. Create a tarball of the folder. The command is tar cvf r_vanegas_c_fall_2011_hw_1.tar r_vanegas_c_fall_2011_hw_1 In The Terminal, it looks like [Creating a tarball.]
  5. Verify the contents of the .tar file you created. Type the following command to see all the files compressed into the tarball 4: tar -tvzf r_vanegas_c_fall_2011_hw_1.tar This is what it looks like in The Terminal: [Verifying the newly-created tarball.] And the response to your command will look like [The contents of the newly-created tarball.]
  6. Email your compressed folder exactly as discussed in the introduction of this tutorial. The subject line of my homework/project submission email would look like: Fall 2012 - CSS1 - HW2 - Vanegas, R This is what it looks like in my email client: [Example of subject line in email.]