Resetting the iDigi X4 Starter Kit's XBee with the Kit's USB Board

With the help of a technical support representative at Digi International, I was able to reset the XBee module that came with my iDigi X4 Starter Kit. To revive the XBee, I used the USB interface board that was included in the kit, a USB cable, the X–CTU software for Windows®, and, of course, the XBee. Here's how I did it:

  1. Launch the “X–CTU” software, then go to the PC Settings tab in the upper left hand area of the page.
  2. Select the communications port on which your Digi PKG–U Serial Port Adapter is attached.
  3. Check HARDWARE from the drop down list next to Flow Control on the right side of the page.
  4. Your settings should look like the following:

    [X–CTU's PC Settings]

    Figure 1: PC Settings tab
  5. Click the Modem Configuration tab at the far right.
  6. Check the box to the left of Always update firmware.
  7. Click the drop down list below Modem: (which might say UNKNOWN) and choose XB 24–ZB.
  8. To the right of that list is Function Set. Click it's drop down list and choose ZIGBEE ROUTER AT.
  9. And to the right of Function Set is Version. Use 2241. Note: If you don't have this version, update X–CTU's firmware database by clicking the Download new versions... button.
  10. Identify the Write button in the Modem Parameters and Firmware area, above the Always update firmware checkbox. DO NOT click it, just note where it is. You'll need it in step 13.
  11. Your settings should look like the following:

    [X–CTU's Modem Configuration]

    Figure 2: Modem Configuration tab
  12. Identify the reset button on the Digi USB board.
  13. While holding down the reset button you just identified, click the Write button in the Modem Configuration tab. When the dialog screen asking you to press the reset button appears, let go of the button. You should see a blue progress bar appear at the bottom of the X–CTU page. Let go of the button.

Final Thoughts

This was the only reset procedure that worked for me, after trying different settings and two different serial boards. It may work to flash other XBee radios, but I haven't tried. If I do, I'll update this page.

Roy Vanegas
Last modified: Tue Jul 31 22:09:38 EST 2009

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